Manual Driving Lessons Edinburgh

Looking for the best driving lessons in Edinburgh?  RSD Edinburgh driving lessons are available for everyone. Whether you are a nervous beginner or have already past your test, I have low cost driving lessons for you. These include pre-test lessons, motorway tuition, and Pass Plus courses all the way up to the Drive Confident Course. Due to recent passes I have available slots in my diary at the moment.  I cover Edinburgh, Liberton and surrounding areas

Best Driving Lessons Edinburgh

Lesson Prices

  • Hourly rate daytime/weekdays: £80 for 2 hours
  • Evening/Weekend rate £90 for 2 hours
  • Pass Plus Course £280
Best Driving Lessons Edinburgh

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For beginners your Edinburgh driving lessons will start by learning the basics.  We will then build up confidence by focusing  on controlling the car safely within quiet, safe areas. Once this has been mastered you will start driving on busier roads and you will learn how to cope with other road users, deal with junctions and perform various traffic signals. You will learn how avoid upcoming hazards by anticipating the situation and how to get enjoyment out of your driving.

What to expect during your first Driving Lesson

You will be shown the vehicle controls (whilst sitting in the driving seat) and will be shown how each control works.  You will be asked to read a number plate from approximately 20 metres away.  You will be expected to provide a valid UK provisional or full licence alongside with a check code generated on the following website: You will be asked a series of questions. Answering these as accurately as possible will enable the instructor to establish the best place to start with you as a learner driver, allowing you to get underway with the learning process as fast as possible.  You will drive the car! Don’t panic, the controls you will use are duplicated on the instructors side of the car and any mistakes you may make do not spell the end of your driving career!  You are in professional hands, and will be taken care of when driving the vehicle so that you feel in control of the vehicle and safe.

Our Edinburgh Driving Lessons are designed to ensure you become a safe and confident driver and will cover everything to help you pass your test, including:

  • Cockpit drill
  • Safety checks
  • Moving away and stopping
  • Signals
  • Your position on the road
  • Mirrors and blind spots
  • Junctions and roundabouts
  • Meeting traffic
  • Speed
  • Emergency Stop
  • Parallel parking
  • Hazard awareness
  • Turning your car
  • Reversing
  • Planning and independent driving

Theory Testing

Driving Theory Test Edinburgh – Before you can even book your practical driving test you will need to pass the driving theory test which has two parts – the Multiple Choice part and the Hazard Perception part.  Both parts of the test must be taken on the same day and you must pass both to pass the theory test. To help you in your theory test why not download the Government’s booklet ‘Know your traffic signs‘.

If you think you are ready to sit your theory test now, why not try this free mock test to see how you get on.

Theory Test Link