Pass Plus Driving Lessons Edinburgh

Pass Plus is a practical training course which will take 6 hours or more to complete.  It is aimed at people who want to enhance their driving skills and therefore drive more safely.  Any driver can take the course and although it can be taken at any time it will be very useful to new drivers who have passed their test in the last year.  Pass Plus Driving Lessons Edinburgh, Liberton and surrounding areas will take your driving skills to the next level.

Being a Pass Plus registered approved driving instructor (ADI), I can take you through this course.  Completion of the course can help reduce the cost of car insurance which can save you the cost of the course very quickly.  A 6 hour course costs £280. To give more payment options we now accept crypto, accept cryptocurrency, accept bitcoin, accept ethereum and accept litecoin.

What’s In the Pass Plus Training Course?

Your Pass Plus training Course will takes at least 6 hours. It involves 6 different sections or modules, covering a variety of driving situations.

There won’t be a test to take at the end of this course.  Instead you will be assessed throughout each of the modules. To achieve a pass you will have to reach a required standard for each of the modules. All modules should be practical driving sessions with perhaps a little theory. You’ll normally spend more than 5 hours driving.

After you have successfully completed your course you will be sent a Pass Plus certificate. You’ll need this certificate if you are applying for a discount in your car insurance.

Pass Plus Driving Lessons Edinburgh – Take the next step!